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Singer, songwriter : Liso Cassano



SHAMAN is the story of a little shaman girl exploited by her community for her special gifts. She ends up alone at the top of a mountain waiting for the dark clouds to make them vanish, or up all night to protect her elders from nightmares, until the day she decided to say “no more”.

I wrote this song as a journey with an intense emotional progression. There are in the melody and the harmony a relation with the hights and depths. I wanted that this song revealed the mirror that could exist between the human emotionnality and the deep mystery of nature.


GO DOWN ON ME is a song about love, about what stays of love, of nostalgia, of sensuality when the years have passed. The emotions that it explores are linked to the memory and the fantasy. 

I wrote this balad as a dream where one finds the other one, in a idealised world. With her ternary rhythm, the melody is sweet and intimate. The second voice at the end is interpreted by Seb Charpentier.

Liso Cassano

Liso Cassano is born in 1988 and grew up in the south of France.

She started writing songs in 2013, only with her guitar, in the staircase because it resonates, inspired by the progressive rock of her teenage years and the pop singers.

Her two first single, set to launch in March 2021, explore a poetic and intense universe inspired by nature and human emotions.